Bttw/Yttw, Fire Resistant Cable, 0.6/1 Kv, 1/C, Inorganic Mineral Insulated Corrugated Copper Sheathed Cable

Bttw/Yttw, Fire Resistant Cable, 0.6/1 Kv, 1/C, Inorganic Mineral Insulated Corrugated Copper Sheathed Cable

Bttw/Yttw, Fire Resistant Cable, 0.6/1 Kv, 1/C, Inorganic Mineral Insulated Corrugated Copper Sheathed Cable


Construction, Underground

Low and Medium Voltage Cable

DC Cable

Inorganic Mineral Insulation

Corrugated Copper

Round Wire

Bare Copper Wire




0.6/1 Kv



2.5-630 mm2

DingAn or OEM

Fumigated Steel-Wooden Drum/Steel Drum


Jiangsu Yixing, China


Product Description

BTTW/YTTW, Fire Resistant Cable, 0.6/1 KV, 1/C, Inorganic Mineral Insulated Corrugated Copper Sheathed Cable
Product Details
Flexible fireproof cable and copper sheath embossing mineral insulated cable. The cable is a new fireproof cable defects based on modified insulated cables in mineral, it can overcome the disadvantages of mineral insulated cable production is limited by the length of the middle joint installation, avoid appearing in question, has the advantages of the insulation layer is not easy to damp, installation convenience, with the continuous promotion of the product excellent performance, they are increasingly affected by the broad masses of customers, it has been widely used in industrial and civil construction.

Fireproof performance, fire resistance rating will not only meet the national standard GB12666.6A 950 degree Celsius, 90min, but also to meet the provisions of the United Kingdom BS6387-1994 A Grade of 650 degree Celsius 3H; B 750 degree Celsius 3H; C 950 degree Celsius 3H requirements; At the same time, in the combustion can tolerance water spray and mechanical impact; 2, continuous length, whether it is single core, or multi-core cable, its length can satisfy the power supply need of length, above each continuous lengths up to 1000m; 3, section of a large, single core cable section is 630mm2, multicore cables up to 70mm2; 4, with flexible, cable disc in the disc, the bending radius is 6-10D; 5, burning smoke-free non-toxic using inorganic materials, insulation, does not produce any harmful gas during burning, no 2 pollution, is the real green environmental protection products; 6, the overload capacity is large, the cable ampacity not only large, but also has large overload capacity. According to the wiring to be shown, usually cable surface temperature ≤ 70 degree Celsius, if the wiring can not touch, nor with the combustible materials in contact, cable sheathing temperature up to 105 degree Celsius. Overload fireproof cable long-term working temperature can reach 250 degree Celsius 7, corrosion resistance, good shielding property, the copper sheath good corrosion resistance, in particular or corrosion of the copper environment, should be applied a layer of low smoke zero halogen or plastic external protecting layer on the copper sheath. In the shielded copper sheath, no electromagnetic interference, have not the signal, control cable transmission information interference 8, good safety, fire cable to normal power supply in the flame (normal power supply 950 degree Celsius for more than 3 hours), starting a fire extinguisher, reducing fire loss. The copper sheath is a good conductor, grounding is best, greatly improve the sensitivity and reliability of grounding protection 9, long service life, high temperature is not easy to aging, in the normal condition, its service life is more than 100 years. 10, flexible fire-proof cable transportation, installation, assembly is simple, similar to that of an ordinary cable, 11, economical, flexible fire-proof cable because of advanced technology, simple installation, low in the same conditions the comprehensive cost than mineral insulated cable charges.

Shopping mall, department store, hospital, school, stadium, exhibition center, train station, airport, subway, commercial buildings, hotels, places with dense population, iron and steel enterprises, 100 meters above the building.

Single Core
Conductor Cross-section Copper Sheath Corss-section Insulation Thickness Approx. Outer Diameter Conductor Resistance
mm2 mm2 mm mm Ω/km
10 11 1 7.8 1.83
16 15.5 1 8.8 1.5
25 18 1 10.5 0.727
35 20.5 1 11.5 0.524
50 27.7 1.2 13.6 0.387
70 31.7 1.2 15.3 0.268
95 41.4 1.2 18.3 0.193
120 45.6 1.2 19.8 0.153
150 50.6 1.4 21.8 0.124
185 62.4 1.4 23.4 0.0991
240 70.2 1.4 26.1 0.0754
300 87 1.6 28.8 0.0601
400 95.4 1.6 31.7 0.047
500 119.7 1.8 36.2 0.0366
630 141.7 2 40 0.0283

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